Location: Saint Augustine, FL  Label: Anxious & Angry

Deadaires is the new band featuring ex-Against Me bassist, Andrew Seward. Deadaires was formed in St. Augustine, Florida in late 2015. At first what was seemingly a recording project between Andrew, Ryan and Jeremy, quickly and enthusiastically grew into a full band with a completely realized and crafted full length release.

When asked about recording their upcoming LP, Seward had this to say:

“So over the course of eight months, Jeremy would come over and lay down some drumbeats. A week later, I’d put on a bass line and an organ line. A month later, Ryan would put in a guitar line. Another month later, we’d add vocals. I don’t know if “painting” is the right term, but I’ve always spent a week crammed into a sweaty room hammering out songs. This time, we built things out of necessity, mostly because we all work so much. It was very unromantic… I purposefully wanted to work on my engineering and recording skills. Which sounds a little vain — I can’t believe I just said that. But I’ve had enough of this perfect ProTools editing style. Music’s supposed to sound like a real human played it, not like a computer chopped it up. Also, I wanted a band that was completely equal. Everyone wrote lyrics for the new album. I did one song, while Jeremy and Ryan split the rest of them. I wouldn’t want it to be anything but complete, absolute democracy. That way everyone can be a leader.”

After all the recording was complete, the complete album was sent to J. Robbins at Magpie Recording Studios in July, 2016. Having worked with J. Robbins on several Against Me! recordings, Andrew had become good friends with J and was pleased when he eagerly agreed to mix the Deadaires record. All members, being big fans of J. Robbins were happy to give him complete creative control over the mixing and allowed him to mix it in total by himself and sent the final product once complete to the band. J. Robbins’ sonic touch and influence on the recording is evident and helped add all the exact nuances and elements it needed to become a complete record.

After the mixing was done it was quickly sent over to another close friend of Andrew’s, Brad Boatright (Guitarist in From Ashes Rise, Deathreat, Warcry, etc. and Mastering Engineer/owner AUDIOSIEGE in Portland, OR). Brad squeezed in mastering the Deadaires LP while also working on the soundtrack for STRANGER THINGS tv show on Netflix and a million other amazing recording projects.

Members: Ryan Murphy • Jeremy Rogers • Andrew Seward • Alan Mills