Location: Toronto, ON  Label: Black Numbers

Deforesters are an honest-to-goodness no-bullshit punk rock band; four guys on stage, sweating playing simple yet effective songs about everyday life. The band features Kris on lead guitar and vocals, Shawn (The Roman Line / Plan 37) on rhythm guitar and vocals, Pod (The Roman Line) on lead vocals and bass and Zack (PUP) on drums and vocals. Deforestors formed in 2013 and released their debut EP “Bones” on vinyl through Get Party Records. Over the years, they’ve played Gainesville’s “The Fest” and Montreal’s “Pouzza Fest.” In 2015, they released a self-titled EP through Black Numbers. The EP was produced by Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, The Penske File, Success) In 2017, they will release their debut full-length album on February 25th and play as many shows as they can.

Members: Kris • Zack • Pod • Shawn