What is publicity?

Publicity means getting press coverage for a band leading up
to an album release or tour. This comes in various forms such as press releases,
premieres, interviews, podcast appearances, word of mouth and track by tracks.
How does the process work? A month or so before an album is released or tour
kicks off, press releases about the album or tour are sent to media outlets. Several
days later, press coverage links are sent back. I also send out interview requests
and music links so that your music can be played on podcasts. I have you send me
a Dropbox link to the album in mp3 format in order to send the album out for

What experience does Mills on Wheels have?

Since 2010, I have written for the
d.i.y. web zines, DyingScene and For the Love of Punk. Through these outlets, I
have been fortunate enough to meet, interview and become friends with countless
of my favorite musicians. As a news editor and interviewer, I’ve learned the ins
and outs of press coverage, the struggles of independently maintained musicians
and a little HTML code for good measure.

It’s through these experiences and knowledge that I am able to bring these skills to
the musician side of the table. I started my own business called Mills on Wheels
PR in July of 2016 out of pure determination and necessity. The name stems from
the fact that I have Cerebral Palsy and use a wheelchair. Due to these challenges, I
am unable to drive and rarely go out into the outside world. While this is an
obstacle in the ability to hold down a normal 9-5 job, I’ve decided to utilize my
web savviness to run my own business out of my bedroom and make the most of
what’s been thrown my way.

As a publicist, I put together electronic press kits for bands and send them to the
appropriate media outlets. I ensure that each band gets the coverage and attention
they need and deserve. I set up band interviews, music premieres and make sure
the artist’s social media pages are up to date and shipshape. I take on each artist
and tailor each campaign to meet their needs.

What do bands need to submit before I get started?

I need promotion photos,
album info, cover art, tour dates, an album download link in mp3s for reviews,
what day you want to premiere a song, a blurb about what the album means to you
and a blurb for each song on the album.

Here's an example


How does payment work?

The cost varies from project to project, but I accept all payment through PayPal. I like to think I'm reasonable.

How can Mills on Wheels be reached?

Via phone (321) 632-3026 or email.