Location: Montreal, QC Label: My Fingers! My Brain! Records

Mansbridge is a punk band from Montreal, Canada. But not just any other punk band. You may recognize them from their time in Farler’s Fury. After a long hiatus with Farler’s Fury, Mansbridge hit us over the head with their new self-titled EP. There is no question about their sense of urgency to get back on the road and start where they left off.

“Mansbridge’s sound is that of a mid-90s pop-punk band that grew up and decided to play serious music. Society sucks. People suck, and nothing is certain.

Mansbridge knows this, and this idea comes out in their lyrics. “Is the perspective of harm making you restless?” Yes, Mansbridge, and there is no escape. This sentiment of constant torture and the mind’s inability to cope is echoed throughout the course of their four-song E.P.” – The Arthur, The Peterborough and Trent University Independent Press

Members: Brad: Bass • Frank: Guitar/Vocals • Sergei: Drums • Jody: Guitar/Vocals