Location: Santa Clarita / Oxnard, CA     Label: Felony Records

Moonraker is a punk band from Santa Clarita, California which formed in 2011. The band
features best friends Nick Schambra (bass) and David Green (drums), along with a revolving cast
of guitarists. After releasing a slew of EPs, they released their debut LP, “Fail Better,” on
October 14, 2016 through Felony Records. Following the tradition of Alkaline Trio, The
Lawrence Arms, etc, Moonraker strikes the right balance of melody self-depreciation and humor,
all the while introspectively tackling the woes of everyday life. “Fail Better” is the culmination
of five years of hard work all the while finding the right dynamic as a band.

David Green had this to say about the album:

"We put everything we had into this record. We played until there was blood on our strings and drum heads. We sang and we yelled until we didn't have voices. We stayed up recording into the late hours of the night after going all day until we were so tired it probably wasn't safe to drive home. We wrote about some of the biggest hardships we've ever had to face. We captured the nothingness of feeling unfulfilled at a job you hate or the rejection of being let go from the same job you didn't even like, but sorely needed. The songs are a catharsis for personal vendettas with everyone around you, and the crushing realization that none of these vendettas are reciprocated; no one's against you, they're just not thinking about you.
After a year of extreme jealousy and indifference, watching close friends do great things while we questioned what we were even trying to accomplish, we were able to make something we were extremely proud of. This album is a conversation with yourself in the mirror. It’s trying to explain your actions and defend yourself to yourself. Maybe your actions don't need to be defended. Maybe you don't need to prove anything. Maybe you don't need to be jealous. Maybe your reflection doesn't know what he's talking about. Maybe it's fine that we're not the golden boys, ‘cause we're the bronze boys. ‘Cause when you land on your feet, you break both your ankles and when you're not under the microscope, no one can see you sweating."

“Fail Better” served as a follow-up to their “String Theory” EP, which was released on April 29, 2014.

Members: David Green • Nick Sucks • A bunch of Red Shirt-wearing mother fuckers

Releases: Fail Better LP (2016)  String Theory EP (2014) New Ways to Die EP (2013) Bleedin/-ays EP (2013) Pathetic Little Arsenal EP (2012) Amber Alert EP (2011)