On The Cinder

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Location: Buffalo, NY    Label: Between the Days Records

On The Cinder is a three piece Punk Rock/Melodic Hardcore band from Buffalo, NY. Fanboys of fast and technical hardcore. Connoisseurs of sweaty, chant along punk rock anthems. Basement dwellers shouting our way to the next big adventure.

" I’m not really sure who I can compare them to...They’re super tight. Definitely have a sound all their own, which is a good thing." -Rey and Laura, Punksburgh
"Despite being so laden with exhortations to stand up against the problems of society, On the Cinder manages to make statements without losing their overall musical quality. These are big songs with precise drums and heavy bass, quick stops and big breakdowns, and anyone who appreciates punk will enjoy this record for that alone."
-Gina Skidz, Dying Scene
"The combination of clean singing coupled with the more traditional shouts sharing lead vocal duties, and regularly stacked on top of each other, create a unique sound that will appeal to fans of several different genres." -Konr Dare, The Path To Hell
"The anthems on 'The Fight Against Oursleves' collectively represent the accomplishments of the band so far...When all is said and done, On The Cinder are solid dudes with simple goals."
-Kelley O'Death, New Noise Magazine
"At the beginning it was punk but as the set went along it got increasingly more hardcore. They have an impressive two vocal attack that tops a big group sound."
- Blowfish, Boston Groupie News
"With gritty vocals and a ton of melody, On The Cinder is sure to grab a spot on your rotation moving in to 2015."
-Krista Gjestland, For The Love of Punk

Members: Tyler Rzemek • Mike Jacobs • Jason Wright

List of releasesThe Fight Against Ourselves (2016) Cover Songs (2014) Feed Them to the Children (2013)

General Manager: onthecinderband@yahoo.com