Location: Toronto, ON

Formed in 2010, founding members Jonathan Lyte and Mikhail Castro, along with high school friend Kevin Baybayan decided that they would play music together.

The band found it’s footing in bands like Green Day and blink-182, eventually recording a 5 song EP that took great influence from the 90s pop-punk movement. 

At the end of 2012, the band parted ways with their bass player Kevin and recruited Liam - Jonathan’s brother. Still a trio, the band continued with a new found sense of maturity and musical interests, which found the group playing more evolved styles of music drawing influence from the likes of Propagandhi, The Flatliners, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock, and Against Me! – to name a few. 

Over the years, Pseudo has become a rooted in their message to demonstrate to the punk scene and world at large that anybody, from all walks off life, can be part of something beautiful by creating music that reflects individual experiences, shortcomings, and the issues that we face being a band comprised solely of visible minorities. 

Pseudo has recorded 1 studio EP and 1 LP with an alt-punk sound that balances pop-punk and emo with progressive elements to create a well-rounded power band that knows no limits to creativity, spunk, rhythm, and style.


Mikhail - Drums
Jonathan - Guitar, Vocals
Liam - Bass, Vocals

General Manager: