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Location: Detroit, MI

Splitters are a four-piece punk rock band hailing from the Motor City. Comprised of long time friends Dan Stover (Break Anchor), Roger Fruin (Due North, Cheapshow), Alex Errington (Cheapshow), and Ben L; Splitters formed in the last gasps of 2015 to play honest songs about the dark parts of life with good old fashioned Midwestern heart.

Their debut album Last Time I Swear reflects just that. 8 songs inspired by punk rock staples such as Against Me!, the Lawrence Arms, and the Menzingers, intended to keep you partying through the night with your best friends.

Members: Ben L (Vocals and Guitar) • Roger Fruin (Bass and vocals) • Alex Errington (Guitar) • Daniel Stover (Drums)

Booking: danielpstover@gmail.com
Press: laurenmillsfla@gmail.comjohnny@ftlprecords.com