The Creeps


Hi everyone, my name is Lauren and I’m working with a punk band from Ontario called The Creeps. They’ve been a band for 19 years are will be releasing their sixth studio album ‘Beneath The Pines’ on May 4, 2018 via It’s Alive Records.

Would Substream like to premiere their song ‘Shimmer’ off their upcoming album ‘Beneath The Pines?’ 

Here’s a private link for you to stream the song:



“On The Creeps' sixth full-length album Beneath The Pines we find the Ottawa punk rock veterans continuing to evolve in both sound and scope of content. The collection of songs that make up Beneath The Pines successfully evokes similar feelings of uncertainty and questioning of what has passed and what is to come that past albums of The Creeps accomplished with fantastic stories of death and dying. Songs themed around murder and suicide have been laid to rest and given rise to reflections on life and love. But these new songs remain plagued by the same lingering feelings of fear and sadness that follow loss, providing a familiar soundscape for fans of the band's previous material. Musically the band has added space and time between hooks and melodies that provide room to breathe and a feeling of floating in comfortable solitude on the deck of lakeside cabin beneath the pines. After more than nineteen years together, the core of what has always made The Creeps a band that can move the listener to a place of comfortable vulnerability remains intact and perhaps stronger than ever.

The album: 

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